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Hedge Fund Caxton Moves New York Headquarters to London

(U.S. Hedge Funds)

One of the world’s oldest and best known hedge funds, has told investors that its headquarters is now in London rather than New York. 

Caxton Associates with$3.7billion in assets, has historically been based in New York since 1983 with offices in Princeton New Jersey, Singapore, and London.

By the end of this year Caxton should have 85 new hires, most of them will be working at their new headquarters at Berkeley Square in London’s Mayfair. In a letter seen by the FT which said: Investors do now generally consider us to be London-headquartered.’ 

Caxton Associates was founded by legendary US billionaire investor Bruce Kovner in 1983, and after retiring from his role as chief executive officer in 2011 he was replaced by London-based Andrew Law. 

So far this year, Caxton’s main hedge fund is up 13.6 per cent, according to numbers sent to investors. Its CX Macro fund, run by Mr. Law, is up 13 per cent.