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             U.S. SPACS

We have compiled a list of over 200 SPACs or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies in the United States. Just click on any U.S. SPACs in the list below where you will be taken to their website for contacts and more information.



  1. 26 Capital Acquisition Corp.  (ADERU)       Miami, FL

  2. Acamar Partners Acquisition Corp (ACAM)       Miami, FL

  3. ACE Convergence Acquisition Corp.  (ACEV)       Wilmington, DE

  4. Acies Acquisition Corp. (ACACU)       Manhattan Beach, CA

  5. Ackrell SPAC Partners I Co. (ACKIU)       Wilmington, DE

  6. Adara Acquisition Corp. (ADRA.U)       Charlotte, NC

  7. Adit EdTech Acquisition Corp.  (ADEX.U)       New York, NY

  8. Advanced Merger Partners Inc. (AMPI)       New York, NY

  9. Apex Technology Acquisition Corp.  (APXT)       Burlingame, CA

  10. Atlas Crest Investment Corp. (ACIC)       New York, NY

  11. Atlas Crest Investment Corp. II (ACII)       New York, NY

  12. Altimar Acquisition Corp. (ATAC)       New York, NY

  13. Altitude Acquisition Corp.  (ALTUU)       Atlanta, GA

  14. Americas Technology Acquisition Corp.  (ATA.U)       Dallas, TX

  15. AMCI Acquisition Corp (AMCI)       Greenwich, CT

  16. Andina Acquisition Corp II (ANDA)       New York, NY

  17. Apollo Strategic Growth Capital (APSG)       New York, NY

  18. ArcLight Clean Transition Corp.  (ACTC)       Boston, MA

  19. Arctos NorthStar Acquisition Corp. (ANAC.U)       Dallas, TX

  20. Artius Acquisition Inc. (AACQ)       New York, NY

  21. Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp (ACND)       New York, NY

  22. Astrea Acquisition Corp. (ASAXU)       Key Biscayne, FL

  23. Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp.  (AEACU)       Rye, NY

  24. B. Riley Principal Merger Corp (BRPM)       New York, NY

  25. BCLS Acquisition Corp.  (BLSA)       Boston, MA

  26. Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp.  (BENEU)       Miami, FL

  27. Big Cypress Acquisition Corp.  (BCYPU)       Miami, FL

  28. Big Rock Partners Acquisition Corp.  (BRPAU)       Delray Beach, FL

  29. BlueRiver Acquisition Corp. (BLUA.U)       San Antonio, TX

  30. Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp.  (BOAC)       Dallas, TX

  31. BowX Acquisition Corp.  (BOWX)       Menlo Park, CA & San Franciso, CA

  32. Bright Lights Acquisition Corp.  (BLTSU)       Los Angeles, CA

  33. Broadscale Acquisition Corp. SCLEU       Philadelphia, PA

  34. Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp. (BCACU)       New York, NY

  35. Capitol Investment Corp. V  (CAP)       Arlington, VA

  36. Cascade Acquisition Corp.  (CAS.U)       Miami Beach, FL

  37. CBRE Acquisition Holdings Inc.  (CBAH.U       Dallas, TX

  38. Cerberus Telecom Acquisition Corp.  (CTAC)       New York, NY

  39. Chardan Healthcare Acquisition (CHAC)       New York, NY

  40. Churchill Capital I (CCC)       New York, NY

  41. CIIG Merger Corp.  (CIIG)       New York, NY

  42. CM Life Sciences I (CMLF)       New York, NY

  43. CM Life Sciences II (CMII)       New York, NY

  44. Compute Health Acquisition Corp. (CPUH)       Wilmington, DE

  45. Concord Acquisition Corp.  (CND)       New York, NY

  46. Consonance-HFW Acquisition Corp.  (CHFW.U)       Princeton, NJ

  47. COVA Acquisition Corp. (COVAU)       San Francisco, CA

  48. Crescent Acquisition Corp.  (CRSA)       New York, NY

  49. Crown PropTech Acquisitions (CPTK.U)       New York, NY

  50. Crucible Acquisition Corp.  (CRU.U)       Louisville, CO

  51. D and Z Media Acquisition Corp. (DNZ.U)       Atlanta, GA

  52. Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp.  (DCRB)       Menlo Park, CA

  53. Delwinds Insurance Acquisition Corp.  (DWIN.U)       Houston, TX

  54. Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp (DEAC)       Los Angeles, CA

  55. DiamondPeak Holdings Corp. (DPHC)       Lordstown, OH

  56. dMY Technology Group Inc (DMYT)       Las Vegas, NV

  57. Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp. (DGNR)       San Francisco, CA

  58. Edify Acquisition Corp.  (EACPU)       New York, NY

  59. Epiphany Technology Acquisition Corp.  (EPHY)       Burlingame, CA

  60. EQ Health Acquisition Corp. (EQHA.U)       Austin, TX

  61. EVO Acquisition (EVOJU)       Crystal Bay, NV

  62. Experience Investment Corp.  (EXPC)       Denver, CO

  63. Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp. (FCAC)       New York, NY

  64. Far Peak Acquisition Corp (FPAC)       New York, NY

  65. FAST Acquisition Corp. (FST)       Ridgefield, CT

  66. Figure Acquisition Corp. (FACA)       San Francisco, CA

  67. FinTech Acquisition Corp III (FTAC)       New York, NY

  68. FirstMark Horizon Acquisition Corp.  (FMAC.U)       New York, NY

  69. First Reserve Sustainable Growth Corp. (FRSGU)       Stamford, CT

  70. Foley Trasimene Acquisition II Corp. (BFT)       Las Vegas, NV

  71. Foresight Acquisition Corp. (FOREU)       Chicago, IL

  72. Forest Road Acquisition Corp. (FRX)       New York, NY

  73. Fortress Capital Acquisition Corp.  (FCAX.U)       New York, NY

  74. Forum Merger II Corp. (FMCI)       Delray, FL

  75. Forum Merger III Corp. (FIII)       Delray, FL

  76. FoxWayne Enterprises Acquisition Corp.  (FOXWU)       New York, NY

  77. Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition Corp.  (FLAC)       Seattle, WA

  78. Fusion Acquisition Corp. (FUSE)      New York, NY

  79. Fusion Acquisition Corp. I (FSBN.U)       New York, NY

  80. Genesis Park Acquisition Corp.  (GNPK)       Houston, TX

  81. GigCapital2 Inc.  (GIX)       Palo Alto, CA

  82. GigCapital3 Inc. (GIK)       Palo Alto, CA

  83. GigCapital4 Inc.       Palo Alto, CA

  84. Goal Acquisitions Corp. (PUCKU)       Austin, TX

  85. Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp.  GFX.U)       Newark, DE

  86. Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. (GPAQ)       South Naples, FL

  87. Group Nine Acquisition Corp. (GNAC)       New York, NY

  88. Growth Capital Acquisition Corp. (GCACU)       New York, NY

  89. GS Acquisition Holdings Corp (GSAH I)       New York, NY

  90. GS Acquisition Holdings Corp. II (GSAH)       New York, NY

  91. Haymaker Acquisition Corp. II (HYAC)       New York, NY

  92. Haymaker Acquisition Corp III (HYACU)       New York, NY

  93. Health Assurance Acquisition Corp.  (HAAC)       Cambridge, MA

  94. Healthcare Capital Corp. (HCCC)       Wilmington, DE

  95. Healthcare Services Acquisition Corp.  (HCARU)       Bethesda, MD

  96. Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp IV (HCICU)       Wilson, WY

  97. HH&L Acquisition Co. (HHLA.U)       Hong Kong

  98. HighCape Capital Acquisition Corp. (CAPA)     New York, NY

  99. HL Acquisitions Corp (HCCH)       New York, NY

  100. Hudson Executive Investment Corp.  (HEC)       New York, NY

  101. HumanCo Acquisition Corp.  (HMCOU)       Austin, TX

  102. Ignyte Acquisition Corp. (IGNYU)       New York, NY

  103. InterPrivate IV InfraTech Partners (IPV)       New York, NY

  104. Itiquira Acquisition Corp. (ITQRU)       New York, NY

  105. Jaws Acquisition Corp.  (JWS.U)       Miami Beach, FL

  106. Jiya Acquisition Corp.  (JYAC)       Palo Alto, CA

  107. JOFF Fintech Acquisition Corp. (JOFFU)       New York, NY

  108. Kensington Acquisition Corp (KCAC ll )       Westbury, NY

  109. KINS Technology Group Inc.  (KINZ.U)       Palo Alto, CA

  110. Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp. I (LGACU)       New York, NY

  111. Lefteris Acquisition Corp.  (LFTRU)       Boston, MA

  112. Legacy Acquisition Corp.  (LGC)       Cincinnati, OH

  113. Leisure Acquisition Corp. (LACQU)       New York, NY

  114. Leo Holdings Corp. (LHC)       Los Angeles, CA

  115. LF Capital Acquisition Corp. (LFAC)       Dallas, TX

  116. Liberty Media Acquisition Corp. (LMACU)       Wilmington, DE

  117. LifeSci Acquisition Corp. (LSAC)       New York, NY

  118. LifeSci Acquisition Corp. (LSAQ)       New York, NY

  119. LightJump Acquisition Corp.  (LJAQU)       Menlo Park, CA

  120. Live Oak Acquisition Corp. II (LOKB)       Memphis, TN

  121. Locust Walk Acquisition Corp.  (LWACU)       Philadelphia, PA

  122. Mallard Acquisition Corp.  (MACU)       Cornelius, NC

  123. Mason Industrial Technology, Inc. (MIT.U)       New York, NY

  124. Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp. (MSAC)       New York, NY

  125. Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp (MFAC)       New York, NY

  126. Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp.  (MAACU)       Menlo Park, CA

  127. Monument Circle Acquisition Corp.  (MONCU)       Indianapolis, IN

  128. Moringa Acquisition Corp. (MACAU)       New York, NY

  129. Mosaic Acquisition Corp. (MOSC)       New York, NY

  130. Motive Capital Corp.  (MOTV)       New York, NY

  131. Natural Order Acquisition Corp.  (NOACU)       Weston, MA

  132. NavSight Holdings Inc. (NSH)       Reston, VA

  133. Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp. (NEBC)       San Francisco, CA

  134. Netfin Acquisition Corp.  (NFIN)       New York, NY

  135. New Providence Acquisition Corp.  (NPAUU)       Austin, TX

  136. New Vista Acquisition Corp. Unit (NVSAU)       Chicago, IL

  137. NextGen Acquisition Corp. (NGAC)       Boca Raton, FL

  138. Nocturne Acquisition Corporation  (MBTCU)       La Jolla, CA

  139. Noble Rock Acquisition Corp. (NRACU)       Greenville, DE

  140. Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. I  (NGA)       Kansas City, MO

  141. Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. II  (NGAB)       Kansas City, MO

  142. Novus Capital Corp (NOVS)       Indianapolis, IN

  143. Oaktree Acquisition Corp. (OAC)       Los Angeles, CA

  144. Oaktree Acquisition Corp ll (OACB)       Los Angeles, CA

  145. OCA Acquisition Corp.  (OCAXU)       New York, NY

  146. Omnichannel Acquisition Corp.  (OCA.U)       Summit, NJ

  147. Osprey Technology Acquisition Corp. (SFTW)      Philadelphia, PA

  148. OTR Acquisition Corp.  (OTRA)       Miami, FL

  149. Oyster Enterprises Acquisition Corp. (OSTRU)       Stamford, CT

  150. Panacea Acquisition Corporation (PANA)       San Francisco, CA

  151. Pathfinder Acquisition Corp. (PFDR)       Palo Alto, CA

  152. Peridot Acquisition Corp. (PDAC)       Houston, TX

  153. Pershing Square Tontine Holdings (PSTH)       New York, NY

  154. Pine Island Acquisition Corp.  (PIPP)       Fort Lauderdale, FL

  155. Pivotal Investment Corporation II (PIC)       New York, NY

  156. Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp. (XPDIU)       Chicago, IL

  157. PropTech Acquisition Corp. (PTAC)       Los Angeles, CA

  158. Qell Acquisition Corp.  (QELLU)       San Francisco, CA

  159. Reinvent Technology Partners (RTP)       New York, NY

  160. Reinvent Technology Partners (RTPZ)       New York, NY

  161. Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp. (RAAC)       Washington, D.C.

  162. Rice Acquisition Corp.  (RICE)       Carnegie, PA

  163. RMG Acquisition Corp (RMG)       Washington D.C.

  164. RMG Acquisition Corp. ll Unit (RMBGU)       New York, NY

  165. Rodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition Corp. (RSVAU)       Woodside, CA

  166. Roth CH Acquisition II Co. Unit (ROCCU)       Newport Beach, CA

  167. Rotor Acquisition Corp.  (ROT)       New York, NY

  168. Sandbridge Acquisition Corporation (SBG)       Los Angeles, CA

  169. Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp (SAMA)       Rye Brook, NY

  170. SCP & CO Healthcare Acquisition Company (SHACU)       Tampa, FL

  171. Seaport Global Acquisition Corp.  (SGAMU)       New York, NY

  172. Seven Oaks Acquisition Corp.  (SVOKU)       New York, NY

  173. Simon Property Group Acquisition Holdings Inc. (SPGSU)       Indianapolis, IN

  174. Social Capital Hedosophia Corp. (IPOC)       Palo Alto, CA

  175. South Mountain Merger Corp. (SMMC)       New York, NY

  176. Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. (SPAQ)       New York, NY

  177. Spring Valley Acquisition Corp. (SVSVU)       Dallas, TX

  178. Starboard Value Acquisition Corp. (SVAC)       New York, NY

  179. Star Peak Energy Transition Corp.  (STPK)       Evanston, IL

  180. Supernova Partners Acquisition Company, Inc. (SPNV)       Washington, D.C.

  181. SVF Investment Corp.  (SVFA)       San Carlos, CA

  182. Tailwind Acquisition Corp. (TWND)       Los Angeles, CA

  183. Tailwind Two Acquisition Corp. (TWNT)       Los Angeles, CA

  184. Tastemaker Acquisition Corp.  (TMKRU)       New York, NY

  185. Tekkorp Digital Acquisition Corp.  (TEKKU)       Las Vegas, NV

  186. Thayer Ventures Acquisition Corp.  (TVACU)       Valencia, CA

  187. Thimble Point Acquisition Corp. (THMAU)       New Haven, CT

  188. Thoma Bravo Advantage (TBA)       Chicago, IL

  189. Tortoise Acquisition Corp. (SHLL)       Leawood, KS

  190. Tortoise Acquisition Corp. II (SNPR)       Leawood, KS

  191. TPG Pace Energy Holdings Corp. (TPGE)       Fort Worth, TX

  192. Trepont Acquisition Corp I  (TACA.U)       San Francisco, CA

  193. Trident Acquisitions Corp.  (TDAC)       New York, NY

  194. Trine Acquisition Corp.  (TRNE)       New York, NY

  195. Velocity Acquisition Corp. (VELOU)       Ridgefield, CT

  196. Vesper Healthcare Acquisition Corp.  (VSPR)       Miami Beach, FL

  197. VG Acquisition Corp. (VGAC)       New York, NY & San Francisco, CA

  198. Virtuoso Acquisition Corp. (VOSOU)       Westport, CT

  199. Warburg Pincus Capital Corp. I-A (WCPA)       Houston, TX & New York, NY & San Francisco, CA

  200. Warrior Technologies Acquisition Co. (WARRU)       Midland, TX

  201. Yellowstone Acquisition Company  (YSACU)       Omaha, NE

  202. Zanite Acquisition Corp.  (ZNTE.U)       Cleveland, OH

  203. Z-Work Acquisition Corp. (ZWRKU)       New York, NY



List of SPACs outside the U.S.


  1. Alberton Acquisition Corp.  (ALAC)       Hong Kong

  2. Alussa Energy Acquisition Corp. (ALUS)       Cayman Islands

  3. Bluewater Acquisition Corp.  (BAQ.P)       Canada

  4. HH&L Acquisition Co. (HHLA.U)       Hong Kong

  5. ION Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd. (IACA)       Israel

  6. ION Acquisition Corp 2 Ltd. (IACB)       Israel

  7. SC Health Corporation  (SCPE)       Singapore

  8. Tiga Acquisition Corp.  (TINV.U)       Singapore