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Finding the Right Domain Name For Your Investment Firm

Hedge Fund Domains Assuming you have already found a name for your Investment Firm now comes the daunting task of finding the the right domain name for it.  For example: Let’s just say you own a Hedge Fund or Private Equity Firm called EXAMPLE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT or EXAMPLE CAPITAL PARTNERS  and now you’re looking for that perfect domain name for it. You could go with or perhaps  Both are pretty good domain names, but the only issue is that they are just a little bit too long. Ideally you would want to pick the shortest name possible. The name is taken, and might be too expensive for a Hedge Fund or Private Equity Firm  just starting up. So the next possibility is checking to see if is available.  It will still have the firm’s keyword name (EXAMPLE) plus the second keyword (CAPITAL) in it. Instead of having a 22 or 24 character domain name you will have a 14 character one that is a bit shorter.  If you want to have an even shorter domain name with the main keyword (EXAMPLE) along with the abbreviation of the second keyword  (CAPITAL) you can go with which would be only 10 characters long. Both domain names are Easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. If either one of the  domain names are taken by a person or a company, you can contact that person or company directly or through a domain agent and try to purchase the domain. Because having the right domain name is essential for your Investment Firm because it is the digital address to the website of your firm.

Below is a List of a few Available Domain Names for Existing or Startup Investment Firms