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Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC, previously known as Citadel Investment Group, LLC, stands as an American multinational hedge fund and financial services company. Founded in 1990 by Ken Griffin, it has more than $60 billion in assets under management. With its corporate headquarters situated in Miami, Florida, the company employs over 2,600 individuals and maintains offices across North America, Asia, and Europe.

Founder, CEO, and Co-CIO, Ken Griffin retains ownership of approximately 85% of the firm. As of 2023, Citadel has emerged as the most successful and profitable hedge fund in history, boasting an impressive $66 billion in net gains since its inception in 1990. Citadel LLC operates separately from Citadel Securities, a market maker that shares a common founder and owner in Ken Griffin.


Miami, Florida